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06.05.2009 23:54

Laporta delighted with final appearance


Joan Laporta believes that FC Barcelona deserve to be in the UEFA Champions League final for their performances in both legs of the semi final against Chelsea and thinks that the game against Manchester United in Rome is "final we dreamed of".

After the game in Stamford Bridge, the Barça president was delighted with the team's qualification for the final. "Football fans love good football and I think that we have played at a very high level," he explained. "We went out to win both matches. It is justice and I think we do deserve this."

Thanks to the players and the fans

web_31.jpgReflecting on Andrés Iniesta's contribution, Laporta said that "he has an extraordinary talent and scored an excellent goal" after the midfielder's later equaliser in London. "The players deserve to be congratulated because the fact they played with ten also means so much. I want to thank the supporters too as they stayed with the team and had faith."

Dream final

The reigning world and European champions Manchester United now wait in Rome and Laporta is pleased. "It will be the dream final between two different styles of football," he said. "We are showing that you can win based on good play."
Laporta delighted with final appearance
Villarreal next
After the away goals win at Stamford Bridge, Joan Laporta declared. "Now we have to think about the league again and look towards the game against Villarreal at the weekend and try to win three points."

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