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27.02.2010 23:59

Guardiola: “One of our best performances at home”

Anna Segura

Josep Guardiola is well aware of when his team is firing on all cylinders and when it’s still in need of some fine tuning and after the Malaga game he reckoned they were back to their turbo charged best of last year.

The boss made it clear after the Stuttgart game that his players needed to up the ante if they were to compete and the team reacted to his words against Malaga with what Guardiola called: “probably our best performance at home”.

“We did things right tonight”

2010-02-27_PARTIDO_08.JPGGuardiola reckoned: “we had done more than enough to be better than to be drawing 1-1. We did things right tonight. We were ourselves again, we played a very good game and were well organised. This is the way forward, as I said, tonight we found ourselves again”.

Line up

Barca’s 4-2-3-1 line up was a break from their usual tactics, but Guardiola insisted: “it’s no change in our system. The players move around in relation to each other”.


Guardiola praised Pedro, who opened the scoring: “since the World Club Cup, I’ve maybe given him less game time than he deserves, like Bojan. They are both very good and decisive for us – they deserve to play more often”.
Guardiola: “One of our best performances at home”
Laporta: “I enjoyed myself”
Club President Joan Laporta also spoke after the game and admitted: “I suffered a few times tonight, but I really enjoyed what was a great game. It had everything, we played well against a team who stood up to us. I’d like to congratulate the players on their attitude. They kept at it till the end – that’s what Barca do!”

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