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15.02.2010 14:06

Pedro: “We had to lose some day”

Anna Segura

Canary Islander Pedro is not too concerned to have lost at the Calderón, because “we are still two points ahead … the most important thing is to focus on ourselves and take each game as it comes”.

2010-02-14_PAR_20.JPGVisits to the Vicente Calderón have a habit of ending in disappointment for FC Barcelona, and going there with so many players missing is more difficult still. Pedro told today’s press conference that there is no call for alarm after losing to Atlético Madrid.

Worrying only about themselves

It took an incredible 22 games for somebody to finally get the better of Barça, and although everybody wanted to see the unbeaten run continue, Pedro admits that “we had to lose some day” and that there is no need for any alarm bells to start ringing.

Pedro feels the players should “focus on ourselves” and not worry about what other teams are doing.

Bad luck with injuries

2010-02-14_PAR_02.JPGThe squad is suffering “a bad run of injuries” for which “there is no logical explanation, these things happen sometimes. I just hope that they get fit properly and as soon as possible because there are some important matches on the way”.

Better prepared

Pedro does not think the lack of midweek matches has anything to do with it. “The team is working as we always have done. When we were in the cup, we had les time. Now we are preparing for games better because we have more time. As far as fitness goes, we’re going well”.

Reasons for defeat

As for the loss in Madrid, Pedro said “Atlético have a great team with great players, especially from midfield going forward. They had a great game and that’s why they won … In the second half we lacked possession of the ball. It was an end to end match and they knew how to make the most of that”.
Pedro: “We had to lose some day”

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Henry, a few steps above
Pedro agreed with Josep Guardiola, who said a few days ago that Henry is a few steps above Pedro. The striker said “Henry is a very high quality player and I am just starting out”.

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