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06.02.2010 23:18

“This game will make us stronger”

Vanessa Forns

Josep Guardiola was proud of his team’s performance against Getafe after they had been reduced to 10 men: “they all played marvellously – this game will make us stronger”.

Guardiola insisted: “I’m always proud of my players and tonight they took a big step forward – the worst team to have to play with ten men against is Getafe”.

Win down to effort

The boss explained how his team had won despite their numerical inferiority: “you can only do that with plenty of effort and willingness, a lot of faith and a lot of running too. In the end we have very good players who make the difference. We beat a very good rival who were very active and all our players played very well. They really made us work, but I think that this was one of our best performances, the win had a lot of merit”.


“The fans know that even though we can badly, the players are never going to drop their effort, they’ll keep on trying. That is the most important principal we have applied since the start and it’s what gives us faith in the future. The important base of this group is that we have totally committed people. That’s what makes us strong”.

“The refs do their best”

2010-02-05_PARTIDO_22.JPGOnce again, Guardila refused to judge the ref’s performance: “I prefer to enjoy the fantastic league we’ve had over the last few months. It’s bad for the game if all week we are talking about doubts, the refs do their best, but they can make mistakes just like anybody else. It’s such a waste of time that it’s not worth talking about - let’s talk about football”.

“What happens is our responsibility”

Guardiola went further and revealed that he never complained about the ref to his players, nor did he permit that kind of criticism from them: “I’ve said a thousand times that the refs just don’t exist. It makes no difference if we are down to 10 or 9, if the ref blows three pens against us – we’ve just got to go and score one more, we are Barca and we have to get through all of that. What happens is our responsibility; we’re responsible for what’s good and what’s bad. Whilst I’m in charge, that’s the way it will always be”.

Guardiola also insisted: “we didn’t win six titles because the refs were on our side. It’s down to lots of hard work from a lot of people”.
“This game will make us stronger”

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Laporta: “We can overcome difficulties”
After the game, Club President Joan Laporta commented: “We showed we can overcome difficulties. The players had to work a lot harder after Piquè’s red card. It was a great game, despite the sendings off”.

Joan Laporta also refused to comment on the referee’s performance: “we have to try and make the ref’s job as easy as possible and help him as much as possible. The fans reacted responsibly. They criticised some of his decisions and they are free to do that. What we have to do though is work hard and keep playing at the level we have been”.

Finally, Sr Laporta commented on praise from many areas, including Madrid player Raul who praised Barca’s recent form: “ that shows we are exhibiting a great level of motivation, effort and hard work”.

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