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10.02.2010 11:16

Bojan: “Guardiola’s words give me strength”

Edgar Fornós

The young striker is determined to keep fighting for a regular place in the team and admits that the manager is helping to keep up his morale: “Guardiola’s words give me strength to carry on believing in myself”.

Bojan Krkic was a boy of 9 when he first donned a Barça shirt in the 1999-00 season. Now, at the age of 20, he is a fully fledged member of the senior squad and formed part of the team that won an historic 6 trophies last season. In an exclusive interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Bojan discusses his situation in the team.

Other teams may think that next weekend is a good opportunity to cut Barça’s lead.

2010-02-08_BOJAN_06.JPG“I don’t know how Real Madrid will approach their match against Jerez. What I do know is that we are in good shape and I’m convinced we can win in the Calderon. What’s really important is that we play well. The more united we are the better we can face up to anything”.

Guardiola always says that the referees don’t exist. Is it like that’

“It’s obvious that winning the three points is down to us. We know that the referees won’t help us”.

When you’ve played you have produced some good performances. Sporting and Tenerife are good examples. Do you need more minutes of football?

“Obviously the more you play the more you can offer as you gain confidence in yourself. I’ve always said that you need to adapt to the situation you find yourself in and keep on working to take all the chances the boss gives you and try to perform at your best”.

Whenever Guardiola has been asked about you he says that you’re an extraordinary player with a lot of talent. So why don’t you play more?

2009-08-30_FCB_-_SPORTING_DE_GIJON_009.JPG“What’s important is that he says that I’m an important player for the team and that he values my abilities. That’s what gives me strength to remain positive and keep on training in the hope of playing more. There are a lot of players and I have to work hard”.

Being knocked out of the Cup is tough on players like you who don’t play so much.

“When you get knocked out of a competition there’s less playing time especially for those players who play less anyway. But we’re still alive in two competitions that involve a lot of matches in which we can all take part”.

One of the things that people like about you is your perpetual smile. Does this come from some inner happiness?

“I’m very happy here. I’m part of the best club in the world. I’m surrounded by people I love and that is very important. That’s what really makes me happy. Everything else will come with hard work”.

The Barça style is recognized around the world. And doing this with a majority of home-grown players deserves even more credit. To what extent is it important for a club to look after the youth policy?

“It’s very important. All the success of last year was achieved with half the players coming up through the youth ranks. There are more and more quality players coming through and that’s fundamental for a great club like Barça”.

So Barça’s youth policy is an example for other clubs?

2010-02-08_BOJAN_10.JPG“It’s not only an example for the lads that are in the Barça youth teams but also for those youngsters who see that they have more possibilities here, despite the competition, of becoming good players and maybe playing in the first team”.

Jonathan Dos Santos knows you well. What do you think about him?

“He’s an excellent player. He’s got infinite qualities to play for Barça and he’s shown that in the games he’s played up to now. He’s also a great lad and if he’s patient he’s definitely got a place here”.

Your father was also a professional footballer. Is that an advantage?

“We talk quite a lot about football, especially the things that affect me. I think I’m very lucky to have someone in the family who’s an expert in football”.

Bojan: “Guardiola’s words give me strength”

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In a flash
What’s your best goal?

“The one in the Spanish Cup final”.

And the most awkward defender you’ve played against?

“Aitor Ocio. I’ve played against him several times and he made life very difficult for me”.

Your best memory?

“Any moment of any of the titles we’ve won. They were all wonderful experiences.”

A wish for the future?

“To win the league and the Champions League this season”.

Would you like to play a final in the Bernabéu?

“It would be a great match but we have to take it a step at a time. There’s no doubt that we would love to play the final in the Bernabéu, but I still have lots of work to do”.

You’re sometimes seen in the Palau. Do you like basketball?

“It’s a sport I like a lot. I always knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to football, not basketball, but I really enjoy watching it and especially following what happens to Regal Barça”.

When you were still at school and you were playing in the first team, what did your classmates say to you?

“Your classmates ask you about everything. What’s this player or the other like as a person? I would do the same”.

Have you got used to life as a footballer?

“It’s complicated but you get used to it. In fact since I signed for Barça I’ve given up on holidays. If you want to be in a club like this one you have to give up many things”.

Are you good friends with Piqué?

“We’ve known each other for a long time. We play together in the under-21s and we were together in the youth teams. We’ve been close for years”.

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