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17.02.2010 13:56

Busquets: "We haven’t relaxed"

Roger Bogunyà

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Sergio Busquets stressed that the players had not relaxed since being knocked out of the Cup. However, he admitted he would prefer to play every two or three days.

. He also assured reporters he was not worried by the rash of injuries that has recently hit the squad.

Sergio Busquets likes to keep busy. If it were down to him the ideal situation would be that of last season - involved in the three main competitions and with hardly a spare moment to draw breath between one match and the next: “We haven’t relaxed. But we notice that we have more time to prepare matches and training sessions that are rather more physical. It’s a different situation where you disconnect more from the matches. Footballers prefer to play every two or three days”.

"These thing happen"

The change in the daily routine may have affected the players physically. There have been a lot of injuries just when the team has started to play just once a week. However, Busquets doesn’t believe this to be the case: “We know that injuries are a delicate matter. Some injuries have an explanation while others just happen”. Abidal’s training accident in Reus is a perfect example of pure bad luck.

No obsession

2010-02-17_ENTRENO_74.JPG"Every player is worried about his fitness. Those of us that are OK have to give 100% and play well”. However, Busquets played down any injury fixation. “No player is obsessed about this”.

Xavi injury blow

Xavi Hernández has joined the long list of players who will be unavailable on Saturday due to injury. Until now he had played in every match and Busquets admitted he would be missed: “Xavi is a very important player. He marks the rhythm of the match. He’s the heart of this Barça team. But let’s hope we don’t miss him too much”.

Busquets believes the main thing is to recover the playing style that was so conspicuously absent in the Vicente Calderón on Sunday. According to Busquets the defeat was due to a lack of sharpness on Barça’s part and the effectiveness of the Atletico counterattacks.
Busquets: “We haven’t relaxed“

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FCB v Real Madrid in the Bernabéu
There are still 8 matches to play before the big match against Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabéu but the press are eager discuss the match that might swing the league title one way or another. According to Busquets: “I think it will be one of our most important matches because it’s against one of our direct rivals for the league title. If the gap between the two teams is one or two points the league will be half lost or half won in the Bernabéu. But until then we still have a lot to do”.

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