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04.02.2010 13:06

Barça break viewing record


FC Barcelona's victory in the Champions League final against Manchester United last season attracted a record-breaking television audience of 109 million worldwide, beating the NFL Super Bowl for the first time.

The Blaugrana's rewriting of football's history books with six trophies in one calendar year saw fans clamour to see them around the world on the box as the statistics now show.

Champions League

27-05-09_MESSI_GOL_01.jpgWhile 109 million were said to watch the entire game, at least 206 million tuned in to see how the game was going and that meant that the encounter in Rome overtook the Super Bowl by three million.

Pittsburgh Steelers' win against the Arizona Cardinals was watched largely by a domestic audience in the United States, but the Champions League was far more global, the report by the Initiative Futures Sports and Entertainment stated.

Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl attracting 106 million viewers, that meant that the Champions League final became the most watched sporting event of 2009.



 Total *

 Barça-Manchester Utd  109 M  206 M
 Super Bowl  106 M  162 M
 GP Bahrain F-1  54 M  115 M
 Final 100 m Mundial  33 M  95 M
 Final Wimbledon  29 M  89 M
Barça break viewing record
Britain and Spain
Spain and Great Britain were the two places where the most viewers came from as millions tuned in to see Pep Guardiola's team take on the reigning European champions Manchester United.

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