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05.09.2007 12:17

Edmílson continues recovery in Brazil


Like Carles Puyol, Edmílson is still recovering from knee trouble. The midfielder will be in Sao Paulo for the next month.

Last June, Edmílson was diagnosed as having suffered condropathy in the femur-tibia of his right leg, and after an initial recovery period in Barcelona, will now be continuing his programme in Sao Paulo, where he will stay for one month. He will be back in Barcelona in October, where he will undergo a final period of treatment before being able to return to training.

Monitored by the club

Edmílson has suffered altercations to his femur and tibia as a result of two previous operations, which is slowing down his recovery. The Club Medical Services are keeping a close eye on his progress and will be in constant contact with the player while he is in Sao Paulo.

Medical report

Speaking to the press after the operation on Samuel Eto'o, doctor Ramon Cugat also updated listeners on Edmílson’s progress, saying “this case has perplexed us, because he can stretch his leg well, hold it, build up the muscular tone, and he has a good level of mobility and there is no swelling in his knee.”
Edmílson continues recovery in Brazil

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