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23.09.2007 12:52

Light recovery session

Berta Brau/Anna Segura

The senior squad had a light training session on Sunday morning after the previous night’s win against Sevilla. Ronaldinho, who is having treatment for a calf problem, did not train with the group.

There's no time to dwell on Saturday’s win against Sevilla ( 2-1 ) with the next league match coming up next Wednesday against Zaragoza in the Camp Nou. Today’s session started at 11 am and was focussed – as usual after matchdays – on recovering tired muscles.

Oier with the first team

WEB_11.jpgBarça B keeper, Oier Olazábal, joined the senior players for training on Sunday. The Basque player, who took part in Barça B’s 3-2 win on Saturday, also trained with the senior squad on Monday.

The players began with warm-up exercises and continued with ball control work, except for Zambrotta, who did some jogging. Puyol joined in with the ball control exercises after warming up apart from the group.

Ronaldinho having treatment

Ronaldinho was the only player not to appear on the La Masía training grounds. The Brazilian, who missed the match against Sevilla, has a problem with his right calf muscle and is having specific treatment .

Circuit training

WEB_09.jpgAfter the ball control exercises, Touré Yaya returned to the changing rooms while the rest of the players – plus Frank Rijkaard himself - did some circuit training focussing on speed. The players that took part in last night’s match then returned to the changing rooms while the rest continued with the exercise, this time with the ball.

Training match

WEB_12.jpgFinally, the players that did not feature in last night’s starting line-up took part in a training match on a reduced pitch. One side was made up of Bojan, Sylvinho, Puyol, Gudjohnsen and Valdés and the other by Thuram, Oleguer, Giovani, Jorquera and Ezquerro. Meanwhile, Oier Olazábal worked apart with goalkeeping coach Juan Carlos Unzué.
Light recovery session
Henry entertains the kids
When the rest of the players that figured in the starting line-up returned to the changing rooms, Thierry Henry stayed behind to play with some of the players’ children that attended today’s session. The French striker spent some time working out with the delighted kids.

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