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05.09.2007 23:59

Eusebio: “2-1 was the turning point”

Anna Segura / Vanessa Forns

Rijkaard’s assistant, Eusebio, has said he was satisfied with the team after they managed to come back from 2-0 down.

Eusebio Sacristán spoke to the press after the game with Girona and claimed that the own goal scored by Migue “allowed us to realise that we could come back”.

Praise for Sylvinho

Eusebio was particularly impressed with Sylvinho’s performance in the semi final of the Copa Catalunya, in which he was involved in a penalty and added a goal “he has shown his quality and experience. He led the team at a complicated time”.
Eusebio also spoke about the way the team is going at the moment and assured listeners that “we all have to make the maximum demands. From the first man to the last”.

This Tuesday’s Copa Catalunya game was particularly special for six reserve team players (Thiago, Gay, Córcoles, Toribio, Xavi Torres and Emilio Guerra) as they made their first team debuts. These were the comments made by some of the players after the game:

Thiago Alcántara

“I am very pleased. It was my dream come true. I was a bit nervous at first, but I got more confident as it went on.”
“It was a privilege to play alongside veterans with such experience.”
“Before I went out Rijkaard just told me to enjoy ourselves.”

gironafcb4.jpgGai Assulin

“I am very satisfied. It was a privilege to play with the first team.”
“At first I was a bit nervous. I tried to help the team as much as I could.”

David Córcoles

“It was a very emotional day.”
“I have just signed for Barça B and I didn’t expect to get to debut with the first team so soon.”
“I felt very comfortable alongside Márquez and Oleguer.”

Daniel Toribio

“It was a dream to play for the first team for the first time.”
“It is the reward for all the work I have been doing since I was small.”
“I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt quite comfortable.”
“He was a great help to play alongside Barça B players.”
“It is a day I will never forget.”

Eusebio: “2-1 was the turning point”
Sylvinho impressed by the youngsters
Sylvinho was one of the stars of the semi final of the Copa Catalunya against Girona, being involved in the penalty incident and added a goal in the 73rd minute to bring Barça the win, 3-2. The left back highlighted everything they had achieved with so many younger players in the side. He had the following comments to make after the game:

“The most important thing is that the group did its job well. The kids that played tonight did it all very well”.
“The team showed a great attitude and responsibility.”
“The youngest players have shown enthusiasm and attitude. They are working very hard.”

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