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25.09.2007 14:31

“The team is really committed”

Marc Guillén

Speaking at the last press conference before Wednesday’s league match against Zaragoza, Frank Rijkaard told reporters that the team is committed to win: “When you work together, it’s easier for the quality to come out and to see attractive football”.

However, Rijkaard insisted that Zaragoza is a very good team: “Zaragoza always play well against Barça. We always have to respect our opponents and this is no exception. It’ll be a difficult match and we’ll have to work hard to win”.

He revealed that he’s very happy with the way the team is working: “All the players are looking fit and they’re really committed to winning the matches together. When that happens, it’s easier for the quality to come out and to see attractive football”.

Oleguer a good example

QM3D9767.jpgRijkaard made special mention of the role of Oleguer in the team: “He’s a very important player for us, because of the humility with which he plays and also for his performances. We have to bear in mind that it’s been pretty hard for him to play the entire pre-season and to play really well, and then have to sit on the subs bench once or twice. When he comes on, he always behaves with a humility that is an example to everyone. He’s a player that doesn’t make mistakes. We need him because he balances the team and allows the creative players to shine”.

Respect for Ronaldinho

Most of the reporters’ questions were focussed on the form and his fitness of Ronaldinho. Frank Rijkaard was blunt in his defence of the Brazilian and insisted that he was being unfairly treated: “People forget very quickly that Barça is where it is thanks to him and his connection with the fans. In the world of football, the present is whoever is scoring and you can’t live in the past. But when he gets back to full fitness he’ll be the same as before. He’s got all my support and confidence to recover from his injury and be with us again. He’s a very important player for us and he’ll continue to be so”.
“The team is really committed”

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Iniesta in great form
Rijkaard also highlighted the fact that Andrès Iniesta is producing some fantastic performances: “Iniesta is playing at a really high standard. Also, it‘s always good to have players that can play in different positions”.

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