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19.09.2007 23:59

“The fans were a big help”

Roger Bogunyà

Frank Rijkaard thanked the fans for their support during the match against Lyon and highlighted the union between fans and players, something he had called for just 24 hours earlier.

In the final press conference held before the match, Frank Rijkaard called on the fans to give their wholehearted support to the team and that’s exactly he got: “I’m happy that the team played well and the fans supported them. That’s what we need. There was a good understanding between the fans and the team”.

Praise for the players

Rijkaard had plenty of good things to say about the performance: “They played as a team and we have to congratulate each and every one of the players, including the ones that were substituted” - referring to Ronaldinho, who was taken off after 65 minutes.

Debuts for Bojan and Giovani

Bojan and Giovani got their first taste of European football last night and Rijkaard dedicated part of the press conference to praising their performance: “Giovani has already shown very clearly that he can help the team at any moment. He’s a great player, young; he works hard and creates danger. He could even be in the starting line-up”.

Bojan Krkic also became the youngest Barça player to play in a European match: “He’s another talented player with a lot of quality”. Referring to both Bojan and Giovani, he said: “It’s important for them to train and whenever possible, to participate with the first team”.
“The fans were a big help”
Laporta: “The team was sensational”
Joan Laporta was delighted with the 3-0 win against Lyon: “We have to congratulate the individual players, the team and the coach. They played well, fought hard and won”. The president also praised Frank Rijkaard and made special mention of the manager’s pre-match call for unity. “Here, we all win and we all lose. That includes the fans, the membership, players, coaches and directors. Rijkaard’s call for unity was very important”. Laporta also spoke about Thierry Henry, who scored his first Barça goal in the Camp Nou: “He needed this goal and I’m very happy for him”. However, the president reserved his warmest words for the team effort as a whole: “The team was sensational”.

He rounded off his remarks by stressing that it was now time to focus on Saturday’s game against Sevilla.

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