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03.09.2007 14:55

Ezquerro explains why he’s still at Barca

Berta Brau

With the transfer window now closed, Santi Ezquerro finds himself still a Barca player, despite his expressed desire to join Athletic Bilbao.

Ezquerro spoke straight from the heart when he told reporters at the Nou Camp today that he was still at the club, basically just because Bilbao had closed the door on him after a pre-season of speculation that he’d be rejoining the Basques. A clearly disappointed Ezquerro explained: “I’ve never hidden my desire to go back to Bilbao and they did make me an offer, but when I accepted it, they told me that the conditions had changed”.

Ezquerro said he felt specially hurt at the way he felt he had been used by the Bilbao President : “it’s very hurtful that things turned out like they did, because I’d always seen them as being a serious club who kept their word”.

Not much chance of joining Bilbao

Ezquerro now admits his chances of re-joining Bilbao are slim given the breakdown in the relationship between him and the club directors, claiming: “it’ll be complicated after everything that’s happened”. Ezquerro hinted that his future could well lie with a foreign club, perhaps from the Premier League.
Ezquerro explains why he’s still at Barca

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In contrast Ezquerro praised Barca’s attitude throughout the process: “they have been ready to reach a deal at every moment”. The striker also admitted his chances of a game at Barca are minimal: but I can’t let my head drop- I’ve got to keep fighting, do the best I can and just wait till the winter transfer window to see if anything else comes up. I’ll be open to offers”.

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