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23.01.2009 14:08

"It will not be a goalfest”

Jordi Clos

Pep Guardiola believes that Numancia will be a tough proposition as they are “well-organised” and predicted that “if we win then it will towards the end after a lot of hard work”.

Ahead of Los Pajaritos visit to Camp Nou, the Blaugrana coach wanted to remain prudent. “We are not going to see a big win,” he said. “I want people to stop thinking that will happen. It will be a hard fought game and if do not play well and find our rhythm then it could cost us. If we win then it will be late on after a lot of hard work. I really want to win and to take a step forward against a good team.”

Great respect

“I think that Numancia deserve a great deal of respect for what they have achieved,” Guardiola conitnued. “They have done well, like against Sevilla when they were well-organised daring and did not feel any pressure.” The Blaugrana coach then praised his opposite number “Kresic is one of the best trainers defensively.”

The previous meeting

Numancia are the only team to have beaten FC Barcelona in the league this season. “The feeling is that we already have the three points in the bag and there is a real possiblity that the same thing could happen again that happened in the first game if we think like that.” Guardiola did not want any talk of revenge either. “That can distract you from the job in hand,” he added.

Rotations working well

Reflecting on squad rotations, Guardiola explained that his system is doing well. “The situation is very good, everyone is doing well apart from a couple that have minor knocks like Márquez. The other day not everything went well, but we worked hard in an aggressive and intense game,” he added, looking back at the match at Espanyol. “I do not like anyone criticising my players and I think that the rotations are working because they are good for the squad. The most important thing is that everyone feels important and that they know that they could play at any time.”
“It will not be a goalfest”

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Players deserve credit
Since the start of the season FC Barcelona have been lucky with inuries and Pep Guardiola is pleased. “The merit must go to the players themselves for that. Fortunately they all want to play. Those that do not are annoyd and that is a good sign.”

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