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06.01.2009 23:22

Cáceres: “I felt very comfortable”


Martín Cáceres, who started the game and played all 90 minutes, said at the end of the game that he felt “very comfortable on the pitch and even better after the win”.

The Uruguayan defender was delighted with the way the team performed, “whoever plays, the team doesn’t lower its level. We all adapt to the system”, he said. Nevertheless, Cáceres knows that nothing has been decided yet and that there are still another 90 minutes to play.

The other players involved in the game that ended 3-1 to Barça spoke along similar lines. They were all amazed with Messi’s performance, in which he sealed an impressive hat trick.


“We played well, very concentrated and very serious. The result was perfect for putting the tie on the right track”.

“We played the ball around, we didn’t leave any spaces open and the team knew how to see out the 90 minutes”.

“It’s so much easier with Messi, he had a cracking game”.

“We have a highly competitive squad and we are all getting a chance and playing at a high level, and that’s very important”.

“We had a difficult opponent against us and we have only played half of the tie. We played well, but we still have to finish it off”.

“I felt fine, now the most important thing is to get back into the rhythm of playing competitively”.


atmadrid_barca027.jpg“We are happy because the players are still focussed on their work and we are still performing as well as ever”.

“Playing alongside a player of the level and quality of Messi always makes it easier”.

“The tie will not be resolved until the return match has been played too”.
Cáceres: “I felt very comfortable”
Iniesta, first time as starting captain
Andrés Iniesta started his first game as team captain. With Puyol, Xavi and Valdés all out, he donned the captain’s armband from the start of the match.

“It was a delight, I have captained in other games but never from the start” he said. Iniesta was captain for the Gamper match in 2006 against Bayern Munich, among others, and today was his 241st game in a Barça shirt.

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