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18.12.2009 11:19

Laporta aiming to be best in world

Míriam Nadal (enviada especial) / Anna Segura

Joan Laporta had a busy Friday, opening a Barça football school in the United Arab Emirates, where he took the chance to speak about the world final. “It will be official recognition that we are the best club in the world".

Barça’s presence in the Clubs World Final has doubled as the chance to officially open an FCBEscola in Dubai. President Joan Laporta, along with directors Rafael Yuste and Magda Oranich, went to another of the major cities in the Emirates, some 127 kilometres from Abu Dhabi.

After a new title

2009-12-17_ESCOLA_DUBAI_11.JPGBarça could win their sixth trophy of the year on Saturday, which would the best way to end 2009. Joan Laporta knows his side has already made history, but this would be "official recognition that we are the best club in the world … We have given more than enough signals by the titles we have won and the others that we have won over the years, but Barça can now enjoy the condition of being the best in the world".

The missing trophy

As everybody knows, this is the one major trophy missing from Barça’s collection, and finally winning it, reckons Joan Laporta, "would be very good for the club and the institution. It is a title that has resisted for many years and this would be a historic moment.”

Unbeatable record

Laporta reminded people that after winning the Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League, and the Spanish and European Super Cups, this would be a record that “can only be equalled, but never beaten.”

Family tournament

2009-12-17_ESCOLA_DUBAI_29.JPGAs well as the president and Rafael Yuste and Magda Oranich, other members of the Social Commission, the director of FCBEscola, Julio Alberto, and some FC Barcelona veterans, played a friendly match against the coaches from FCBEscola. Joan Laporta added that "we are about to play one of the most important games in our history and there is no better way to approach challenges than to stick together as a family, which is what we are doing today".

180 children at FCBEscola

2009-12-17_ESCOLA_DUBAI_08.JPGThe inauguration was also attended by some 180 boys and girls from the FCBEscola in Dubai. They are aged between 6 and 14 years, and the idea is for them to learn to play football the FC Barcelona way.

The event was also attended by members of the FCB supporters club’s branch in the United Arab Emirates.
Images: Miguel Ruiz - FCB
Images: Miguel Ruiz - FCB
Great expectations
The opening generated major expectation among the local media, several of which were keen to have their picture taken with Joan Laporta. This was also the chance to admire the five trophies won so far this year and also to explore the excellent new FCBEscola facility in Dubai.

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