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31.12.2009 13:40

“I’d choose the win in Abu Dhabi”

Jordi Clos

Looking back over the year, Éric Abidal has said that if he had to pick one magical moment of 2009, he’d have to go for the Clubs World Cup Final.

The final Barça player to give a press conference this year was Éric Abidal. Naturally, he has a positive view of the year gone by, and when asked to name his fondest memory he said “I’d choose the win in Abu Dhabi because that was the cup the club had never won and it was also the first time I’ve seen the boss cry for joy”.

“We don’t know yet whether we’ll be able to repeat it, but it’d be difficult. If we work hard in training we will try to do it all the same, but the season is long and we know how hard it is to win any title”, he said.

Going for the League

2009-12-31_ENTRENO_40.JPGWith 2010 about to begin, Abidal has no particular desires for the New Year other than “to work the same and try to win titles … the first objective is the League. Then we’ll see what happens in the Champions League, which is an objective every year.” But there will be some difficulties to cope with, one of which the fact that “we have two players at the African Nations Cup, but luckily we have a strong group”.

No mistakes against Vila-real

2009-12-31_ENTRENO_38.JPGÉric Abidal also spoke about the first League game of the new year, stating that “we are half way through the season and the most important thing is to get a good start to 2010 … the most important game is the first one of the year, at home and against Vila-real, who’ll be bringing good players. We have had time to prepare, so we can’t make any mistakes at home”.
Images: Miguel Ruiz (FCB).
Images: Miguel Ruiz (FCB).
Visit by president
Éric Abidal explained that president Joan Laporta visited them today at the Ciutat Esportiva. “He came to wish us a happy new year, and told us to carry on working, because the most important games have yet to come. Those were the words of a president who is very happy with the players and the club”, he said.

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