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15.12.2009 12:41

Special shirt for World Club Cup

Roger Bogunyà (enviat especial)

The Barca players will be wearing a special shirt for the FIFA World Club Cup. This will be the fifth time this year that the team have altered their normal kit to mark a special game.

The two changes to Barca's normal shirts are the inscription across the chest of the phrase“FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP UAE 2009 ZAYED SPORTS CITY ABU DHABI” and the FIFA logo and inscription“UAE 2009. FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP” on the right sleeve.

Fifth time this year

2009-12-15_CAMISETAS_003.JPGThe team also wore a special commemorative shirt for the Spanish Cup Final against Bilbao and for the Champions League final against Manchester United, as well as against Manchester City in the Gamper and Shaktar in the European Super Cup. The change in shirts proved lucky in three of the games, with Barca taking the Cup, Champions League and European Super Cup titles, though not for the Gamper, which City won 0-1.
Special shirt for World Club Cup
Barca keep their colours
The clash in colours between Barca and Atlante has obliged the Mexicans to switch to their change kit of light blue for the semi final, whilst Barca will wear their traditional colours.

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