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13.12.2009 12:10

Iniesta: “We can make history”

Marc Guillén/Edgar Fornós

During an interview given to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Andres Iniesta revealed his hopes for winning the Clubs World Cup, which is “an important trophy for all Blaugranes as we have never won it”.

The team has won all the silverware possible, except the Clubs World Cup. Do you feel anything special for this trophy?

“This is the most important title for all of us as we’ve never won it. We’re excited about taking part. We played in it three years ago, and it left us with a taste for more. We really want to win it as we’d be making history”.

Some people see the Clubs World Cup as a title of lesser importance. How do you see it?

2009-12-03_ENTRENO_20.JPG“It’s not of lesser importance. It’s always great to win a trophy. This year we have won every competition we have been in, this is the only one left for us to win. This is enough to give us 100% motivation.

Does the fact that the other sides come from technically inferior leagues give Barça an advantage?

“Most of the other sides are unknown to us, but we must remember they are still the champions of their respective regions. We can’t relax because any team could beat us. If we want to win, we’ll need to be focused”.

Have you been talking about the defeat three years ago at the hands of Internacional from Porto Alegre?

“Nobody likes to lose in a final, and the defeat three years ago unsettled us. At least it taught us the lesson of not taking any team for granted”.

Whenever we’ve interviewed you, we always get the impression you are a very demanding player. Are we wrong?

2009-09-29_PARTIDO_01.JPG“I’ve always been very demanding with myself, ever since I was little. Maybe it is because of my background. But I think you have to be like this as a player. You can’t just settle for what you have, you always have to strive for more because time goes by quickly and your time as a footballer is relatively short-lived”.

After so much team and personal success with Barça, how do you feel?

Trying to improve and winning the next thing is what I try to do every day. My greatest wish is that I can get to the end of my career and look back on my triumphs with the club”.

If more than one Ballon d’Or was awarded each year, you’d have probably got one by now. Do you ever think you’ll win it?

“It’s really difficult to win something like that, but one can live in hope. For the moment, I only think of doing things well and feeling satisfied with myself after each game. It’s great to see the fans and players on such a high. I’m a team player, but if I were to win an individual award, then it’d be welcome”.
Photos: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)
Photos: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)

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Maturing through experience
A recent incident you starred in was when you fell, only to be told off by Cristiano Ronaldo for acting. You response was just to make him shut up. Are you changing?

“Time, experience and the seasons played for Barça have given me more confidence and maturity. That incident was just overblown because Cristiano Ronaldo was involved”.

On the 6th of May 2009 you scored that famous goal against Chelsea to put Barça in the final of the Champions League. How much of an effect has that goal had on you?

“That goal at Stamford Bridge was one of the happiest moments in my life, but it took on more importance for the outside world than it did for me. I was just lucky to be able to score such a crucial goal”.

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