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21.12.2009 19:17

Full support for Messi

Pau Ramírez

The four players who, together with Leo Messi, were nominated for the FIFA World Player 2009 are unanimous in agreeing that the young Argentine richly deserved the title.

Both his Barça team-mates, Xavi and Iniesta, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká from Real Madrid, believe that Messi fully deserved the recognition as the best player in the World.

Cristiano Ronaldo backs Messi

2009-12-21_RUEDA_DE_PRENSA_03.JPGSpeaking at the press conference before the ceremony, Cristiano told reporters: “Messi was the best but Xavi and Iniesta also deserved the prizes because they also played well and won the lot. If I had three prizes I would give them all three. Barça won everything this year and Messi as well as Xavi and Iniesta deserve to be here. We all know they have an established way of playing and their players have been together for many years. They’re an excellent team”.

Kaká praises Barça

Real Madrid playmaker, Kaká explained: “It’s really good to have three players that have grown up in the club among the best in the World. It’s really good and an example to follow. Success speaks for itself and Barça is the best team at the moment”.

Hungry for more silverware

2009-12-21_RUEDA_DE_PRENSA_06.JPGMessi, Xavi and Iniesta were asked if the team might now relax having won everything there is to win. According to Messi: “The squad are up for it as always and want to carry on”. Meanwhile, Iniesta believes the New Year will be a new beginning: “When we come back from the Christmas holiday, what we’ve done now won’t count for anything and the team will try and maintain our level and fight for the titles right up to the end”. As for Xavi: “We mustn’t get cocky or stop working. That’s what brought us here. I believe a sportsperson never gets tired of winning and so we are competitive people. The squad is very competitive and we’ll try and do it all again, knowing that’s really difficult. We’ll fight for all the titles”.
Images: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)
Images: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)
Champions League the best
All three players agreed that the Champions League is the title everybody wants above all others, though Xavi added that “winning the World Club Cup was fantastic because the Club had never won it and being the first is really important”.

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