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23.06.2010 11:53

Holidays for Henry and Abidal


France’s early exit from the World Cup means that Henry and Abidal will be the first Barca players at the event to get their holidays early, with both of them not due back at the Nou Camp till July 19th.

It’s been a disappointing tournament for the French, who failed to win a single game and whose camp was torn apart by disagreement and unrest between the management and the players and Henry and Abidal have not really had the chance to show the ability that they’ve shown for Barca.

Henry used as a sub

henry_domenech.jpgHenry was used as a sub twice: in the first game against Uruguay (0-0) and in Tuesday’s defeat to South Africa, whilst he sat out the defeat against Mexico. In his fourth World Cup, Henry was unable to relive the success of his first (winner in 1998) or the last (runner up in 2006), but he did repeat the poor performance of the French team who were also knocked out in the group stage in 2002.

Abidal starts twice

abidal_mexic.jpgÉric Abidal put in more minutes than Henry, starting both the first two games. He gave away a penalty against Mexico and before the final game told boss Domenech that he “was exhausted and couldn’t play”, following all the internal disruption in the camp.
Holidays for Henry and Abidal
Stats in South Africa

Games played: 2
Games started: 0
Minutes played: 53
Yellow cards: 0
Fouls committed: 1
Fouls received: 2
Goals: 0
Shots on target: 4
Passes: 19


Games played: 2
Games started: 0
Minutes played: 180
Yellow cards: 1
Fouls committed: 3
Fouls received: 3
Goals: 0
Shots on target: 0
Passes: 114

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