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A man of his word

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23.02.2011 10:49

Guardiola, a man of his word

Anna Segura

In his three seasons as first team manager, Pep Guardiola has witnessed a lot of magical moments that we’ll take a look at via his press conferences and statements.

Guardiola, a man of his word

17/06/2008 - Press conference at his presentation as new manager of FC Barcelona:
"I can’t promise trophies, but I’m convinced that people will be proud of us."

16/08/2008 - Presentation of Barça 2008/2009 to the fans at the Camp Nou:
"I give you my word that we will work hard. I don’t know whether we’ll win but we will try hard always. Fasten your seat-belts, you’re going to enjoy the ride”

02/05/2009 - The 6-2 away win over Real Madrid:
"I'm very happy. It’s one of the happiest days of my life. To come here and play a great game like we have is not easy. I’m thrilled that tonight we have made so many people happy. It’s a tremendous feeling".

23/05/2009 - Celebration of the League and Cup double in the Camp Nou:
"We are in no doubt that on Wednesday we won’t let you down." (On May 27 the team would be playing the Champions League final in Rome.)

28/05/2009 - Celebration of the Treble with the fans in the Camp Nou:
"After what we’ve seen on the streets of Barcelona, you can’t imagine how great this stadium looks. I want to tell you three things: Firstly, that if we ever make fools of ourselves, I hope you’ll forgive us due to what we've achieved this season. Secondly, thanks to all my colleagues, and thirdly, I ask you to give a round of applause to these players. Oh, if you’ll permit me to say, ‘It’s here right now’!".

20/07/2009 - First press conference of the 2009/10 season:
"I have to build what I can, and keep giving it all, to keep up the motivation and humility to keep on winning. I have great faith in my team."

19/12/2009 - Press conference after winning the World Club Championship
"As I always have done, I want to thank the players for the months they have given us. They’ve played so well so often, pleasing everybody. I’ll never forget that they are the ones that made me what I am."

16/05/2010 - After winning the second consecutive League title, in the 99 point season:
"We owed that to the fans following our Champions League elimination."

19/07/2010 - First press conference of the 2010/11 season:
"I have a great desire to continue doing good work, and for the fans to be proud the way we play."

25/08/2010 - Presentation of the 2010/2011 team to the fans at the Camp Nou:
"I’ll give you my word, again, that we’ll do our very best to achieve success. So get yourselves comfortable, I think you’ll enjoy the ride."

29/11/2010 - Press conference after the 5-0 home win over Madrid:
"We’ll take this in our stride but we what we will do is enjoy this moment."
"Everybody has had a great time and that’s a testament to our hard work."

11/02/2011 - First press conference after announcing his contract renewal:
"I don’t want to dwell on past achievements. It wouldn’t be the same anywhere else, but we have to keep on winning."

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