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Best team in first decade of 21st century

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14.02.2011 13:13

Best team in first decade of 21st century

FC Barcelona is the best team in the first decade of the 21st century, according to data from the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). The nearest other Spanish League team is Real Madrid (8th).

Best team in first decade of 21st century

The Top 10
1. FC Barcelona, 2,550 points
2 . Manchester United, 2,523
3. Liverpool, 2,414
4. Arsenal, 2,410
5. Inter Milan, 2,358
6. Bayern Munich, 2,315
7. AC Milan, 2,296
8. Real Madrid, 2,257
9. Chelsea, 2,235
10. Rome, 2,028
At the end of 2010, culminating in the winning of La Liga, FC Barcelona took over from Manchester United in first place in the classification. Manchester United topped the European rankings last year, leading FC Barcelona by 17 points, the ninth time in ten years that they had finished top.

From second to first

BF1F2841.JPG2010 saw considerable changes in the overall ranking of European clubs. The two Champions League finalists (Inter and Bayern) both moved up positions, displacing AC Milan. FC Barcelona won the Spanish League and overtook Manchester United at the death, and with a 27 point advantage.

13 titles

Since the start of the 2st Century, FC Barcelona has had a brilliant track record, with 4 la Liga titles, 2 Champions Leagues, 1 King’s Cup, 1 World Club Cup, 1 European Super Cup and 4 Spanish Super Cups.

A long way behind the struggle between Barcelona and Manchester United, are Liverpool, Arsenal and Inter. After FC Barcelona, the next ranked team in the Spanish league is Real Madrid, in 8th position.

The Top 100 is made up of clubs from 24 countries: Spain (12), England (12), Italy (10), France (10), Germany (7), Netherlands (6), Portugal (4 ), Greece (4), Turkey (4), Russia (4).

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