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01.08.2007 14:03

“The tour is good for communal life”

Jordi Clos

Oleguer Presas believes that FC Barcelona's tour of Asia will be beneficial to the club and to adaptation of the new players, although he does recognise that it is not the best way to prepare physically for the season.

"Tours are not the best place to work physically," he said. "But they are very positive for the club to be better known in other countries." Oleguer does believe that trips also provide time for team-bonding as the players are given a chance to become friends when travelling. "Another positive aspect is the communal life."

Training well

Barça have been working hard on physical training since they returned to action two weeks ago and Oleguer understands the need for it: "The training programme has been great," he said, before looking ahead to the new season and contemplating the team playing with four forwards. "If that were to happen then the forwards would need to assume more defensive tasks. They have all worked up until now though."

Devaluing the cup

Following the Catalan Federation's decision to place Barça directly into the semi finals of the Copa Catalunya on August 19, three days before a series of internationals, Oleguer believes that the event is losing its significance. "The trophy has been devalued in the last few years," he stated. "It is a pity that we cannot play with the whole squad available. I think they should find a different format."
“The tour is good for communal life”
Little importance
When asked about Real Madrid's 3-0 drubbing by Hannover 96 on Tuesday evening, Oleguer stated that "it is not an indicator of anything, the result is not important".

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