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23.08.2007 21:10

Toure: Barça first

Sandra Sarmiento

FC Barcelona’s African Midfielder has given priority to the team as a whole before that of individuals. Toure Yaya manifests that “it’s not important who plays, but that we win the title.”

Toure has started all the friendly games, however, he is aware that the squad has depth and competition is high. Toure knows that success can only come following a combined push and when asked what his chances are for starting on Sunday, he said “it’s up to the coach. He has many options, but what’s most important is not who plays but that we win the title.” The man from the Ivory coast added “we have a squad with sufficient quality to achieve its objectives.”

Midfield competition

Toure Yaya faces stiff competition for a starting berth against players such as Xavi, Deco, Iniesta, Marquez, Motta and the injured Edmilson. “Xavi, Deco and Iniesta are three big players, and with all of them, we will have a good season. To play alongside these players is very easy”, commented Toure Yaya.

Hope for Sunday

Following many pre-season friendlies, the Liga finally kicks off this Sunday for Barça against Racing Santander. Toure Yaya, like Henry and Abidal, could play their first official minutes for Barça: “I’ll give my answer on pitch. It’s normal to have to adapt when you arrive at a new club, but I’ve also come here to learn.” The player is hopeful of making his debut as a blaugrana and is optimistic over the team’s chances: “This Sunday’s game will give us the chance to demonstrate what we are capable of.”

Madrid’s signings

In the last few hours, Real Madrid have completed the signings of Argentine defender Gabriel Heinze and Dutch winger Arjen Robben. Toure Yaya has commented “they’re talented players, however, we have to think about us and we’re convinced we can achieve success.” Questioned over the investments made by Madrid, the African player said “A club that wants quality players has to spend. What’s most important though is that these players perform on pitch.”
Toure: Barça first
The referees
In the pre-season games, Toure Yaya has shown he is a player strong in defence. At the press conference, he was asked if he is afraid of rigorous refereeing decisions, to which he replied “I’ve decided to come here not because the game is not so physical, but because of the quality of football. I think I’ll do ok.”

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