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06.08.2007 14:13

Henry : “When you play for Barça, you want to win everything"

David Saura

In his second press conference of the season, Thierry Henry has said that “at Barça you want to win everything”, but also knows that it is not easy. He is impressed by the commitment shown by his colleagues.

Henry started his first game for Barça in Beijing, but that is not something to which he is attaching too much importance, saying “it was the first time I was in the starting line up but it was also the third game in which I played 45 minutes.” In these games, the Frenchman has noticed how this team always “goes out to win.”

The challenge ahead

WEB_TARDE_02.jpgHenry appeared in the conference with fellow World Cup winner Thuram, and commented on his ambitions to extend his already impressive honours list. “A lot of the players here have won some major titles” he said. “But when you play for Barça, you want to win everything. And we are working to do that, but we know it won’t be easy.”

WEB_TARDE_05.jpgHenry missed the end of last season through injury, and admits that the experience of these games is a tiring one, but knows that team-work is the only way to overcome the obstacles. “I am working hard to get back to full fitness, and there is a great team of fitness coaches with me. The squad is very tightly knit, we are all highly committed. We have a great side both in and out of the dressing room.”

Four strikers

Asked if there is any chance of him playing in the same team as Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Messi, Henry merely said “there are certainly some high quality players around me, and that makes me feel enthusiastic.”
Henry : “When you play for Barça, you want to win everything“
Rijkaard wants the best of Henry
The chances of all of Henry, Eto’o and Ronaldinho playing together is something many observers of this tour are looking forward to, but Rijkaard is making no promises. He has made it clear that “I will use Henry on top form and in the best way.”

The manager knows that his new signing needs time to get back to full fitness, but is impressed by his human qualities and leadership skills, which he considers “important from a player of his category.”

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