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31.08.2007 14:45

Giovani hungry to win

Berta Brau

The young Mexican player has told a press conference that he will be doing all he can to get minutes and is keen to be a success at Barça.

Giovani Dos Santos has shown just what a great future he has, and was the side’s leading goalscorer during the pre-season with five goals. He may get the chance to play his first official match this Sunday, and has said that “I have been imaging what a day like that would be like for a long time and it would be fantastic to score a goal, but it is more important that the team does well and puts on a good show.” He added that in his debut he doesn’t “mind who it is against, all I want to do is make my debut.”

Living the dream

“Nearly the best moment of my life” was how Giovani described his first goal at the Camp Nou and added that “it is every boy’s dream, to score a goal here and hear the crowd chant your name.” He is thoroughly enjoying everything he is experiencing right now and “things are going well. The truth is I can’t do anything else other than give it all I have on the pitch.”

Getting to play

He describes himself as “in form and comfortable on the pitch” and “although it is the boss who will decide who plays I hope to get my moments and be able to take advantage of them.”

European opposition

entrenament3108071.jpgBarça found out on Thursday that they will be meeting Olympique Lyon, Glasgow Rangers and Stuttgart in their Champions League group. Dos Santos knows they are three great teams. He has said that the French side is capable of winning absolutely any game, Stuttgart are the German champions and Glasgow Rangers are a strong and physical side. “It is going to be a tough competition” he predicted.

Ronaldinho the role model

The Mexican has always said that Ronaldinho is his greatest inspiration, and said today that “I have admired his way of playing since I was very small, you see him smiling, enjoying himself when he plays and I think there are similarities between us … He helps me as much as he can.” Dos Santos added that “we all know what he is capable of, and I think, as he has said himself, that this will be is best season yet.”

And as for the rest of his team mates, he said he feels “well supported. Truth is, all of them contribute something different.”

Rijkaard, a great coach

Asked who he thinks is the best coach he has worked under so far, Giovani did not hesitate in naming Rijkaard, who “made me feel confident in the first team from the word go and has made me feel like one of the team … He just asked me to enjoy myself and go out onto the pitch and do what I know best.”
Giovani hungry to win

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“No Fantastic Four”
Giovani Dos Santos doesn’t like the Fantastic Four idea the press has concocted of late. “Nobody is fantastic in this team, the fantastic thing is the team” he said.

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