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04.08.2007 10:31

Ezquerro wants future clarified

David Saura

Santi Ezquerro understands that he is not a part of the coaching staff's plans at FC Barcelona for next season and expects his situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

"I hope that my future can be sorted out quickly," he said. "Until then, though, I am going to work very hard." Ezquerro has a contract with the Blaugrana until 2008, but knows that he could be playing for a different club by the start of the new campaign. Talk of his next move overshadowed a press conference which also covered Barça's tour of the Far East.

Interest value

"I have talked to many people," he continued. "But not everything depends on me as any interested clubs must first reach an agreement with Barça." As well as recognising that his former club, Athletic Bilbao, are interested in taking him back, the 30-year-old stated that he knew that there was some interest from foreign clubs.

Ezquerro admitted that the Blaugrana's decision to look for a transfer fee from any would-be suitors could affect his exit from the club. He is slightly disappointed as he arrived from Athletic on free and was hoping to be allowed to an easy passage out. "During the two years I have been here, all I have said and done has been for the benefit of the club," he explained. "Now I am hoping of a little of the same back from them."

Feeling wanted

"The uncertainty is making things slightly uncomfortable," Ezquerro continued, but stopped short of making comparisons with other members of the squad who are in a similar position to himself. "I just hope that I can join a club where my work is appreciated and where they will count on me," he added.

No regrets

Even though Fank Rijkaard has used him intermittently over the past two seasons, Ezquerro has no regrets about his decision to join Barcelona, where he has won a Spanish title and the Champions League. "I do not regret anything that I have done," he said. "I have never been through anything like this, either the good or the bad. Few people will experience what I have in the past two years."
Ezquerro wants future clarified
A strong desire
Ezquerro recognised that there is a great deal of competition for places at FC Barcelona now, but he still believes that the players are all working "with a strong desire". He added: "The team knows that last season mistakes were made and that they do not want to repeat them."

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