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06.08.2007 19:21

Milito and Márquez start training in Barcelona

Aleix Santacana

The holidays are over for the Argentinian and the Mexican, and the two players started their fitness programmes at the club this Monday.

At La Masia, Gaby Milito trained on Monday for the first time as a Barça player, where he was joined by Rafa Márquez, another Barça player to be given a few extra days vacation after having appeared at the Copa America in Venezuela.

An hour of work

RIMG0060.JPGAt 9:45, the two defenders stepped onto the turf at La Masía, supervised by first team fitness coach Josep Antoni Pozanco. The session was the first of a series of fitness routines designed to get the players into condition for training with the rest of the squad when they return from the Asian tour.

Work off the ball

RIMG0063.JPGMilito and Márquez made no contact whatsoever with the ball. They did running exercises involving changes of pace and then a testing fitness circuit was set before them. The workout ended with suit-ups and similar exercises.

Milito and Márquez will train again this evening at 6.00.
Milito and Márquez start training in Barcelona

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Messi to join Tuesday afternoon
Milito and Márquez will be joined by the other Copa America player, Leo Messi, on Tuesday. The holidays are over for the young Argentinian, and this will be his first training session of the new season.

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