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21.03.2010 23:59

“I’ve run out of adjectives for Messi”

Vanessa Forns

Once again, Leo Messi guided Barca to victory with his second hat trick on the run at Zaragoza and boss Pep Guardiola admitted to reporters: “I’ve run out of adjectives – you’ll have to put your own”.

The Argentinean star was the focus of attention at the game’s post match press conference where Guardiola confessed: “he’s been more than decisive and you can tell he’s feeling fit the way he gets involved in everything. I’ve run out of adjectives – you’ll have to put your own”.

“He always wants to play”

Messi had actually been doubtful for the game with a tooth abscess, but Guardiola explained: “fortunately the tooth wasn’t infected, just the gum, and he told me he was okay this morning and he wanted to play. I find it hard not to play him when I see that kind of attitude – he’s like an amateur in that way, he always wants to play”.

“Others will step up to the mark”

Asked if the team wasn’t becoming too dependent on Messi, Guardiola insisted: “the day he’s not there, we will miss him, he’s so good, but with the spirit we showed tonight we will respond. We know we are the best. There are other players who will step up to the mark and take on the responsibility he’s assumed right now”.

Messi and the Argentina team

Guardiola was also asked why he thought Messi didn’t always perform at the same level for his national side:”it’s to do with him. It’s not just goals he brings, it’s his pressure all over the pitch and the positions he gets into. He’s enjoying himself and he believes in what the team are doing. The person who most wants to see him succeed for Argentina is Messi himself, nobody should doubt that”.


Gaby Milito is also enjoying some good form and Guardiola explained: “he’s an immense player, a real centre half who inspires everyone and has surprised us all with the level he’s come back at. We are all trying to help him play at the top level so that he can catch his national coach’s eye”.


Guardiola also commented on Ibra’s performance against Zaragoza: “he was back to the way he was at the start of the season. He made a real step forward tonight. We are very satisfied with him and we’ll need him a lot from now to the end of the season”.

Praise for the whole group

More than individual praise though, Guardiola was happiest with the team’s overall performance: “we all worked hard together. This was a big step forward for us all. There is no other league with two teams – us and Real Madrid- who have so many points. I think that’s the way the league will go to the end. Today was a real test for us and the team met the challenge very well”.
“I’ve run out of adjectives for Messi”

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Laporta: “Messi is a real leader”
Club President Joan Laporta was also in awe of his Argentinean star: “he’s a player who can change everything in a game, but he also works for the rest of the team. He’s a real leader”.

Laporta went on: “he’s the best player in the world right now and the best ever. Together with Cruyff and Maradona, he’s the best we’ve seen at the club” whilst he also “thinks about his teammates” as he showed in letting Ibra take the penalty.

Joan Laporta also commented on the Swedish striker’s performance: “he showed character to put away the penalty. Ibra’s a very good player. Forwards have periods when the goals dry up, but we are very happy with him”.

Finally, Sr Laporta was asked if he saw the league being decided at the Bernabeu, but the President responded with a straight bat: “it’ll be a very interesting game if we are both still level on points, but after the Madrid game there are still others to play”.

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