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20.03.2010 11:09

Edmílson puts Barca’s success down to Guardiola

Jesús Carrillo/Miquel Agut

Ex- Barca star Edmílson, who after playing in Villarreal is now plying his trade at Zaragoza, spoke to www.fcbarcelona.cat and Barca TV about his time at the club and his belief that Pep Guardiola’s influence has been decisive in Barca’s success.

Will it be a special game?

“Undoubtedly. The past is important, especially my time at Barca, but at Zaragoza we need the points – a draw would do, but a win would be better”.

How are you enjoying it at Zaragoza?

“I’m doing fine. We are climbing up the table and we’ve got some new players. We are doing much better, especially at the back. José Aurelio Gay has been key – he’s shown us how to all pull in the same direction, which just wasn’t happening before”.

How do you see Sunday’s game going?

r.societat-fcb-edmilson.jpg“Well, we’ll be playing against the best team in the world, the team everybody wants to beat. There’s a lot riding on it and we have to enjoy the occasion”.

How would you compare this Barca, compared to the one you were a part of?

“The change in manager was key. Rijkaard had been in the post for five years and the team were unfocussed. Although the core of the team is virtually the same, you have to make changes to keep up a winning mentality. Guardiola brought order to the squad. I remember that after we had won the Champions League and the Spanish League, the aim was to push on and win more titles, but I don’t think all the players had the same idea. This management team have got across to the players that the day after winning, you have to work even harder to keep on winning. We didn’t do that and that is one of the successes of this team”.

What do you think of Barca’s style of play?

LLevant-FCB-Edmilson_x1x.jpg“Fantastic. There are other teams with great players – like Madrid, but they cannot reach Barca’s level at the moment. Maybe the closest team to them is Manchester United, not so much for how they play, as for their hunger to win every game and take titles year in and year out. Barca’s style is unique. Passing, scoring, solid defending – that’s at the heart of their game and they apply them with real vigour”.
Did your time at Barca leave an impression on you?

“I think so, but you only realise it when you have left. I was lucky enough to win two leagues and a Champions with the club and a World Cup with Brazil. I can’t ask for more. What’s more the club helped me to develop my social projects through the Fundació del FC Barcelona and that is priceless”.
Edmílson puts Barca’s success down to Guardiola

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Praise for Sergio
Edmílson’s old role as defensive midfielder is now covered by Sergio Busquets and the Brazilian commented: “I didn’t expect so much from him so soon – he’s tall and slim like me and he is very impressive on the pitch. He’s still very young and has plenty of time ahead of him. He’ll keep improving and with Guardiola having played there himself, he’s got the best coach he could possibly have”.

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