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22.03.2010 13:51

Pedro: “Messi is better than Maradona”

Marc Guillén

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Pedro Rodríguez insisted that Messi is the best player in the history of the game – even better than the legendary Diego Armando Maradona.

During the match at the weekend, Zaragoza midfielder Ander Herrera told Pedro: “There’s no way of stopping him”. Pedro agreed and told reporters today that it had been one of Messi’s best performances.

The best ever

Last week, Valdés went on record as saying that Messi “could be the best player in history”. This Monday, Pedro said that he already is: “In my opinion, Leo is better than Maradona. I play alongside him, I see him every day and I believe he’s the best. Maradona was the best player in history, but Messi is very young and has achieved a great deal. I think he’s already overtaken Maradona”.

Pedro also praised Messi for his behaviour off the pitch. “When my friends ask me what Messi is like I always say that he’s modest, hard-working, reserved, calm and very friendly. What you see is the way he is”.

Feeling good

2010-03-22_ENTRENO_61.JPGAs for the team, Pedro believes they are in good form but explained that the players are not obsessed with closing the goal difference gap currently enjoyed by Real Madrid. Turning to his own performances, Pedro revealed that he feels more and more apart of the team: “The boss is giving me a lot of confidence and I’m trying to bring a lot to the team”.

“Ibra will be very important”

Pedro Rodríguez also assured reporters that under-fire striker Ibrahimovic is in good spirits and that he will be decisive at the end of the season: “He doesn’t look unsettled to me. He had a great game, goals apart. I believe he’ll carry on demonstrating that he’s a great player and he will be very important at the end of the season”.

Pedro explained how useful it is for wingers to have a player like Ibrahimovic leading the attack: “His great skill in the air helps the wingers to get the ball out on the wings. And having him in the centre is a guarantee for our crosses”.
Pedro: “Messi is better than Maradona”

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Milito for South Africa
Gaby Milito had an excellent game against Zaragoza and, according to Pedro, deserves to be part of the Argentina squad in the upcoming World Cup: “He had a great game. He’s very excited and he is a serious candidate to go to the World Cup. He’s a great centre half”.

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