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06.03.2010 23:20

Guardiola proud of his side

Vanessa Forns

Josep Guardiola was keen to highlight the pride that his FC Barcelona showed in the 2-2 draw against Almería as they twice came from behind and played with ten men for half-an-hour in the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos.

"Barça should always win, but in this game you can also draw and lose," the trainer explained after the match. "We went 2-1 behind and had ten players and the team still responded. We played well and I want to congratulate them all because they fought until the end."

A matter of faith

2010-03-04_VESTUARIO_11.JPGA key virtue for the Blaugrana is that they have "the faith that is required for so many months" Guardiola believes. "Despite the red card and going behind we did not lose that feeling and that is not easy," he continued. "With ten men we have done well and that is why I am proud of all my players and the team in general. They had the pride and the desire to achieve something."

10 or 11

2010-03-04_VESTUARIO_22.JPGWhen asked if he felt Barça looked more comfortable with ten players rather than eleven Guardiola said: "At times when you have ten it seems that the opposition want to push for the win. We found that it was difficult enough anyway to play against a side that kept their shape and had a good sprit. We had to defend against Piatti and Crusat and I am not unhappy. In general we were good."

Referee respect

Reflecting on Ibrahimovic's dismissal the trainer added: "All I can say is that the tackle on Messi appeared to be a penalty. But I have great respect for the referees."
Guardiola proud of his side

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Laporta satisfied
Barça president Joan Laporta stated that was "very pleased" with the team after the encounter with Almería because "they always stand up despite all the difficulties". The Camp Nou supremo continued: "The players are trying their best even such adverse conditions. As a Barça fan I am proud that the team did that.

"We have won a very important point. The fact that we were numerically inferior has meant we have had to work very hard. Almería knew what they were doing against us. We created chances even when we had ten players. We are maintaining our level and I think that we are on the right path."

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