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30.03.2010 20:02

Guardiola: "We have to score away goal"

Sandra Sarmiento

Pep Guardiola is aiming for FC Barcelona to score an away goal in their first leg encounter against Arsenal on Wednesday evening while staying tight at the back to deny their hosts at the other end.

The reigning European champions play at the Gunners’ Emirates Stadium for the first time and the visiting coach wants his side to go out and try to score in order to set themselves up to win the Champions League quarter final tie at Camp Nou. “We all know that scoring an away goal is very important for the return leg,” he said. “So we will have an attacking intention and will defend in a very aggressive manner, in the right sense of the word. We will try to score, that is our main idea, it is very important. We need to defend well but you cannot defend well if you do not attack well. It is very important to score a goal away from home. My players are motivated. We are talking about the best teams in Europe. To be here, in the quarters, is a privilege. We are very lucky to be here because we had a difficult group.”

FÓbregas doubt

2010-03-30_ENTRENO_02.JPGCesc FÓbregas’ presence will not be decided upon until matchday, but Guardiola was quick to point out that even when the Catalan was not present Arsenal still recorded a dramamtic European win. “I know that Cesc is a very good player and obviously it is better for them if he plays,” he continued. “But they still beat Porto 5-0 and have three or four players who are very dynamic and play in the same position. But if Wenger says he might not be playing, I believe him.”

Three years

2010-03-30_ENTRENO_01.JPGIn the 2007/08 campaign Barša beat Schalke 04 in the quarter finals and then defeated Bayern Munich at the same stage last term and Guardiola is keen on a hat-trick. “We will have to see if we can make the semi finals for the third consecutive year,” he stated. “It is a difficult ambition and it is an honour to come here to play in this stadium and to play against such a good team. We hope that everyone will enjoy the game.”

Henry goes back

2009-11-24_FCB_-_INTER_DE_MILAN_024.jpgHenry will be closely watched by both home and away fans and Guardiola is excited for the former Gunner. “Thierry has a lot of experience and he is used to playing this kind of game," he commented. “He is returning home. He is the best player that ever played here in Arsenal. It is amazing. He is a huge talent and he is a huge part of this club. But for me it is an honour that he is with me at Barcelona."
Guardiola: “We have to score away goal“

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Wenger fan
Pep Guardiola is a big fan of his opposite number ArsŔne Wenger. “Mr. Wenger is one of the best coaches in the world. He is part of the history of Arsenal,” the Barša boss said. “He won trophies and changed the mentality of this club. It is a new club now. All around the world people admire him and Arsenal. That is why it is an honour to play against a team like Arsenal. It is time to be serious and focused because tomorrow we play against one of the best teams in the world over the last ten or 15 years.”

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