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24.03.2010 23:32

Guardiola: "We put things right in the second half"

Anna Segura

FC Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola has revealed that his attempt to change the team’s system against Osasuna on Wednesday evening did not work and that he changed it back quickly.

With the new tactics “we played very badly” Guardiola explained, but felt that “in the second half we were ourselves again”. He continued: “I did not imagine that things would turn out like they did and so decided to change back after five minutes. I wanted to try something but it did not go at all well. I wanted more mobility between the front two, but that did not happen and it did not go well. In the first half we played badly, but we improved in the second.”

No fluidity

“I felt that certain things could be changed, but I saw we had problems. We did not have any fluidity like I thought that we could have,” Guardiola added. “But after the break we changed things and we came out looking brighter.”

Good attitude

2010-03-24_PARTIDO_36.JPGDespite the hard work required to garner all three points, Guardiola was still impressed with his team. “The normal attitude was there,” he said. “I was not right about things and maybe that made us nervous and made us unable to even do the simple things right.”

Ibrahimovic and Bojan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic broke the deadlock and Guardiola believes that the striker could bag as many goals as he wants. “It all depends on him,” the coach stated.

On Bojan Krkic’s successful introduction the coach explained: “I saw that we were having trouble finding players in space. Bojan rarely goes on and does not do anything.”

Messi helps out

2010-03-24_PARTIDO_40.JPGAlthough Lionel Messi was unable to score again Osasuna, Guardiola was pleased with his performance. “It was one of his displays that I was most pleased with. He has not scored but he always stood up to the difficulties in front of him. That is what I admire. Leo never forgets the team and always looks to help.”
Guardiola: “We put things right in the second half“
Plenty of points
Barça now have 71 points to their name in the league and that has surprised Guardiola. “Without being consistent that is not possible,” he commented. “Our level is very, very high and when it drops even slightly it is obvious.”

Guardiola has been pleased with the supporters’ reaction when those moments have come though. “I have seen that when the team is not at our best the fans have been beside us.”

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