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29.04.2009 21:31

Messi: “I wouldn’t change Barça for anything”

Edgar Fornós

The Argentine forward told reporters on Wednesday that he is not interested in any possible future overtures from Real Madrid or anyone else: “Money doesn’t buy happiness. I’ve got everything in Barcelona and I wouldn’t change Barça for anything”.

At a prize-giving ceremony organised by sports daily “Marca” at a Barcelona hotel, Leo Messi answered questions on the latest Barça news. Messi was accompanied by Club directors Rafael Yuste, Albert Perrín and Jacint Borràs, and the head of external relations Manel Estiarte. Leo is the sixth – and youngest – player to win the award.

Happy at Barça

Messi gave a rapid and unambiguous reply to questions relating to a hypothetical future move to Real Madrid. “I’m very happy at Barça. I’ve got everything in Barcelona. My family is also very happy. I wouldn’t change Barça for anything”.

“We’re not looking for revenge”

web_messi_01.jpgMoving on to next Saturday’s big match away to Real Madrid, Messi assured reporters: “We’re not looking for revenge. I hope we win in the Bernabéu and take an important step toward the title. And if we get a win we’ll face the match against Chelsea more calmly”.

“I’m sure we’ll score there”

Leo Messi also looked back at Tuesday’s match against Chelsea: “It was a very tough and difficult match. We tried to play our game at all times but we didn’t get the luck. We have another match and I don’t doubt at all that we’ll score there”.

Renewed optimism

Messi is very happy with the way the team is working and is upbeat about the final stages of the season: “We’re very together as a team and we’re all motivated and wanting to give Barça a trophy after two seasons without winning anything. The job that Guardiola has done is key and we are hopeful compared to last season”.
Messi: “I wouldn’t change Barça for anything”
Manager? No thanks
Despite the instant success of FC Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola and his team, Messi is not tempted to follow in his footsteps: “I wouldn’t want to be a coach when my time as a player is over. I don’t know what I will do but I definitely won’t be a manager”.

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