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30.04.2009 13:57

Iniesta: "We’ll go to Madrid to win”

Berta Brau

Andrés Iniesta knows that whatever happens in the Santiago Bernabéu, Barça will stay at the top of the league table. But he’s determined to take all three points and go into next week’s match against Chelsea on a high.

In an interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Andrés Iniesta discusses the build-up to the games against Chelsea and Real Madrid, two games that could have a huge impact on Barça’s season. He insists that they are going for a win in the Bernabéu and that they will remain faithful to their attacking style. Lastly he emphasises the union between the team and the fans.

There are two matches left to round off all the good work already done.

"We’re at that time of the season when decisive matches come along. If we win on Saturday, the league title would be very close. Not losing is an important step towards it. And on Wednesday we have a place in the final at stake. The team is confident and I only hope that everything works out well for us”.

First challenge in the Bernabéu.

QM3D9812.jpg"We will go to the Bernabéu for a win. If there’s one aspect that has characterized Barça this season it’s that wherever we play we always keep the same style: attacking, looking to win the match and playing attractive and efficient football. We’ll go to win the match because as I said before a victory there will clear the path to the title”.

What’s the key to the match against Real Madrid?

30-04-009_WEB_INIESTA_03.jpg"The key is to keep on being ourselves and try and do things well. These matches are different from all the rest. Everyone’s hanging on them, emotions are heightened. A match of these characteristics is different because of everything that surrounds it, the way people experience it. But we mustn’t forget that it’s just three points at stake that we have to fight for”.

Would a win on Saturday be an injection of morale ahead of the match in London?

"There’s only one reality: whatever happens in the Bernabéu, we’ll continue as leaders. But what’s clear is that a victory would help us to focus on Wednesday’s match against Chelsea, a match that’s life or death for us”.

Is Barça the favourite on Saturday?

QM3D8631.jpgThere are no favourites. It’s very difficult. There have already been cases where the team that is worse going into the match ends up winning it. It’s such a different match that statistics and form don’t count”.

How will the absence of Márquez in Madrid and London and Puyol in London affect the team?

"The injury to Rafa Márquez is really important to us because the truth is he was having a sensational season. Rafa brings a lot of things to the team. It’s a shame because injuries are the worse there is in football. I hope he recovers quickly, stays relaxed and comes back completely recovered. As for Puyol it’s a pity but we have to overcome the situation and give confidence to the team-mate who replaces him and who I’m sure will do a good job”.

And to finish, what would you like to say to the Barça fans?

30-04-009_WEB_INIESTA_05.jpg"We’re aware of the excitement this team has awakened amongst the fans. We want to win trophies, the longed for treble, but if we want to achieve this it’s for everybody. Right from the beginning the fans have realised that the team gives 100% and is having a very good season

Iniesta: “We’ll go to Madrid to win”
All or nothing at Stamford Bridge
You said earlier that Barça only knows how to play to win. Why?

"We believe that playing well is the best way to achieve good results. Football is for enjoying and having a good time. Our fans wouldn’t forgive us if we played the way Chelsea did last Tuesday, with all the respect in the world. There are many ways to get results. I mean that we will maintain our philosophy to the end. Win or lose we won’t change our ideas”.

Did Chelsea get the result they wanted last Tuesday?

"A goalless draw in the Camp Nou may be an important result for Chelsea because they didn’t concede a goal but it could be a dangerous result because I’m confident we will get our chances to score at Stamford Bridge. We’ll be brave and we know that if we score one or more goals we will have a good chance. As at all English stadiums, the fans will support their team throughout the 90 minutes and the truth is it’s difficult for the visitors. But we’re 90 minutes away from a final and we have to go there with the confidence that we can qualify for Rome”.

Will Chelsea play the same way at home as in the Camp Nou?

"I’m not sure if Chelsea will play the same way in London as they did in the Camp Nou. I don’t know if they will come out and attack or defend and take advantage of free kicks and corners. We have to play our game, keep possession and take our chances”.

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