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22.04.2009 23:59

“This is too good to stop now”

Vanessa Forns

Pep Guardiola was keen for his players to maintain their “competitive form” after they recorded a convincing 4-0 victory against Sevilla in Camp Nou on Wednesday evening and believes that “it is too good to stop now”.

The Blaugrana coach issued a different message after weeks of calling on his squad to remain prudent and instead called for more of the same. “Now we cannot stop,” he said. “We cannot believe anything. If another team beats us
then they will have to show that they are better, but it cannot be because we have not done our job. We have seen something very exciting here. Now we will have a little break because on Saturday we have another game that is vital to us in Mestalla.”

Supporters’ support

With 76,386 people in Camp Nou, Guardiola was delighted with the turn out and the atmosphere that the game produced. “We are delighted that it was like it was and that there was so many people,” he explained. “There are only three more chances for fans to see the team at home. I am certain that with the supporters behind us we have a better chance of winning.”

He continued: "It is certain that, whatever happened on the pitch, there will be lots of people wanting to see the team. But nobody can relax. On Tuesday they have to come back. I still think that if the fans are behind us at home then we will play better and it will help us be champions."

Controlling the game

QM3D9056.jpgReflecting on the way that the game went on Wednesday against Sevilla, Guardiola felt that it was a match “that we controlled”. He added that he felt the one of the keys was the “defensive work of all the players. The team was solid and had confidence”.

Room for improvement

On Barcelona’s level of play, the coach was keen to remain realistic about the praise being directed at his players. “To be human means not being perfect and that means that there are no perfect teams,” he stated. “There is always room for improvement.”

Real Madrid

With only six matches left, Barça are again six points clear of second place. “Before the game we spoke about the three points that we were then ahead of Real Madrid,” Guardiola explained. “We also spoke about any worries and agreed to continue with what we had been doing and playing with calmness. Everyone knows that the 81 points that we have are because of our hard work. Nobody can take those away.”
“This is too good to stop now”
Laporta praises the fans
FC Barcelona president was keen to praise the fans in Camp Nou ahead of the team’s performance against Sevilla on Wednesday evening. “Above all, I want to praise the help that the public gave because they were extraordinary,” he said. “The supporters enjoyed what was a good show from some in-form players.”

Looking ahead to the next few games Laporta was in buoyant mood and “confident in our chances”. “Now comes a decisive run and it is important that we go through it feeling calm. Nothing has yet been decided and we will have to be strong and ready to fight.”

On the race for the title with Real Madrid, the Barça chief explained that “yesterday, Madrid had to win and they did. It is clear that our team has now responded and dealt with the pressure.”

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