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Barça, 16 years reigning in Europe

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01.06.2011 10:57

Barça, 16 years reigning in Europe

Edgar Fornós

Barça’s professional sections have won at least one European Cup in each of the last 16 years. The handball and football trophies are just the latest in a series of triumphs.

Barça, 16 years reigning in Europe

16 seasons of European success
1995/96: Handball
1996/97: Handball, Roller Hockey
1997/98: Handball
1998/99: Handball
1999/00: Handball, Roller Hockey
2000/01: Roller Hockey
2001/02: Roller Hockey
2002/03: Basketball
2003/04: Roller Hockey
2004/05: Handball, Roller Hockey
2005/06: Football
2006/07: Roller Hockey
2007/08: Roller Hockey
2008/09: Football
2009/10: Basketball, Roller Hockey
2010/11: Football, Handball
Barça are more than a club for so many reasons, and this is shown by the way the club keeps all its professional sports team at the top of their respective games, and that even means beyond the national borders. Since 1995/96, at least one of the club’s professional teams has collected a European trophy.

► Football: The last three Champions League titles have catapulted the club to one of the most prominent positions in this tournament’s all-time lists. Paris, Rome and London mean the club now has a total of four European titles.

► Basketball: In 2003 the club that had come so close to glory so often over the years finally got its reward and won the Euroleague at the Palau Sant Jordi. Last season, they made it two.

2011-05-29_LANXESS_ARENA_40.JPG► Handball: From 1996 to 2000 the club was unstoppable in Europe. Under Valero Rivera they won five consecutive Champions Leagues, and came to be remembered as the Dream Team. In 2005, under Xesco Espar, there was further joy in this competition, and this year Xavi Pasqual won the cup once again, this time in Germany.

► Roller hockey: It has been in roller hockey that Barcelona have particularly excelled in recent years. It is the section that has won the most European Cups for the club in the last 16 years, no fewer than 9 times.

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