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Best League team of the decade

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08.11.2010 14:33

Best League team of the decade

The Centre d’Investigacions d’Història i Estadística del Futbol Espanyol (CIHEFE) has designated FC Barcelona as the best club in the Spanish League during the first decade of this century.

The CIHEFE has looked back over the first decade of the century and totting up its points has given Barça 1,630 against second placed Real Madrid with 1,482.


2009-09-22_PARTIDO_21.JPGThe CIHEFE points system is based not on titles won, but rather on points taken for wins or draws in the Spanish and European competitions, not taking into account any other factor, such as winning competitions, the club budget or value of the squad.

12 titles in 10 years

Although the number of titles wasn’t taken into account by the Centre, Barça are the team who’ve won most competitions in the last ten years, taking a total of 12, seven with Guardiola and five under Rijkaard, two ahead of second place Real Madrid.

This summer’s Spanish Super Cup win counts as the first title of the next decade –but certainly it won’t be the last!
Best League team of the decade

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