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27.01.2010 11:31

Stats confirm Barça superiority

Jordi Clos

At the halfway stage in the Spanish league season, Barça is unbeaten and heading the table with 49 points out of a possible 57, having scored 49 goals and conceded just 10. An impeccable start to the season. The stats speak for themselves.

- Barça has scored the most goals and conceded the fewest.

2009-11-29_PARTIDO_15.JPG- Messi is the league’s leading scorer (15 goals). He scores a goal every 88 minutes on average. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is third with 11 goals.

- Barça has produced 129 shots on goal, 8 fewer than Real Madrid. If we include all shots, Barça is third with 287.

- Messi has had 38 shots on target, just three behind Villa (41). Including all shots, he is 6th with 63.

- Barça has received the fewest shots (53). In second place in this particular ranking come Sevilla and Osasuna (71). Atletico Madrid has received the most (114).

- Barça has made 563 crosses into the box, the fourth best in the league. Sevilla have the best record with 627. Xavi is sixth in the individual ranking of crosses into the box.

2010-01-16_FCB_-_SEVILLA_022.jpg- Xavi also provides the most assists (53, 1 every 31.25 minutes).

- Barça is third in the ranking of total assists (192). Real Madrid is first with 240. However, Barça enjoy a clear lead in assists that finish with a goal (38), 14 more than Real Madrid.

- Messi is in second place when it comes to goal assists (7). Alves (6), Ibra (5) and Xavi (4) all figure in the top ten.

- Barça lead the way in completed passes with 10,359 (almost 2000 more than second placed Real Madrid).

- Xavi is the best individual passer of the ball with 1389 completed passes (1 every 1.19 minutes). Xabi Alonso is second but has completed 379 fewer passes. Barça has five players in the top ten (Alves (985), Piqué (877), Busquets (861) and Puyol (825)).
Stats confirm Barça superiority
Fair Play Barça
- No Barça player features among the top ten bad boys of the Spanish league. In fact, the team has received the fewest cards (32). Malaga has the worse record with 68.

- Neither are there any Barça players in the top ten of fouls committed (265) – in fact only two teams have committed fewer fouls - Jerez (259) and Deportivo (256).

- Barça endures 15.53 fouls per match. The leader is Villarreal, who receive no fewer than 19.26 fouls per match.

- Busquets (41), Messi (38) and Iniesta (38) are the Barça players who have been fouled most. Diego Costa (Valladolid) is the leader with 63.

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