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09.01.2010 14:32

No credit unless we earn it

Edgar Fornós

FC Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has said that “just because we have won six titles doesn’t mean we are playing on credit, but quite the opposite. We have to keep winning credit”.

In his press conference before the Tenerife match, the Barça boss has said that “if you go to a show one day, the next time you go you want it to be as good as or better than the first time. Football is the same. Just because you have won everything doesn’t mean you can drop your guard. If anything, it’s less. The fans want you to carry on making an effort to win every match, and as a result, you get more wins”.

Long distance

2010-01-09_GUARDIOLA_01_.JPGDespite José Luis Oltra’s side languishing in the lower half of the table, Guardiola knows it won’t be easy for Barça against the islanders. “Games on the islands always have an added danger. On the one hand, it’s a long journey and the temperatures are much higher than on the mainland. We always find it hard to start these games. And they have some good players, like Nino, Alfaro and Mikel Alonso. They have won all their points this season at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López”.

Full confidence in Chygrynskiy

2010-01-09_ENTRENO_16.JPGGuardiola also referred to the recent criticism of Dmytro Chygrynskiy: “he is a very strong player and well prepared. He is very intelligent, and knows full well how to deal with less pleasant situations. We will protect him so that he can get into the rhythm of playing matches and I have no doubt he will succeed.”

He added that he didn’t think he had as bad a game against Sevilla as some of the media has been saying.
No credit unless we earn it

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Concern regarding Africa
The terrorist attack on the Togolese squad in the build-up to the Nations Cup in Africa has set the alarm bells ringing. Guardiola is very concerned about current events in Angola and his two players that are out there, Touré and Keita: “It was very bad news. I hope the Togo team can recover as quickly as possible and that things return to normal. We have tried to contact Touré and Keita, but we couldn’t, although as far as I know, they are fine” he said.

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