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07.01.2010 16:24

Best team in the world according to IFHHS


The International Federation of Football History & Statistics has named Barça the best team in the world in 2009. Their ranking is based on different data, including games and titles won, goals for and against, and others.

After winning the Clubs World Cup in Abu Dhabi, Barça were officially crowned the best team in the world. And this has been certified by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics, who have ranked Barça clearly ahead of second placed Chelsea in its latest table.

Data consulted

ZUERAS_FC.BARCELONA_-_MANCHESTER_UNITED_FINAL_CHAMPIONS_TROFEO_27-05-09_095.JPGSince 1991, the IFHHS has published its annual classification on the basis of matches won, goals scored and conceded and titles collected. Barça are easily top with 4,341 points, followed in second place by Chelsea, with 4,292 points, The 49 point different clearly shows that FCB were the team of the year in 2009.

Six trophies

ZUERAS_FC.BARCELONA_-_MANCHESTER_UNITED_FINAL_CHAMPIONS_TROFEO_27-05-09_100.JPGIt was never really in doubt that Barça would come top, as shown by the six major trophies won this year. But the IFHHS uses a number of different factors to create its classification, including domestic performances and also those in the Champions League, European Super Cup and the Clubs World Cup. This year, of 63 official games played by the side managed by Pep Guardiola, Barça won 44.

Click here to view Barça’s statistics for the 2008/09 season.
Best team in the world according to IFHHS
Ranking of the top teams
1. FCB 4,341 pts
2. Chelsea 4,292 pts
3. M.United 4,291 pts
4. Shakhtar 4,275 pts
5. W.Bremen 4,272 pts
6. Hamburg 4,264 pts
7. Arsenal 4,260 pts
8. Estudiantes 4,243 pts
9. Cruzeiro 4,235 pts
10. Galatasaray 3,219 pts

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