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22.01.2010 17:13

Henry helps Haiti

Sandra Sarmiento

Thierry Henry has shown his support for the people of Haiti with a huge donation to the Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) organisation from his The One 4 All Foundation.

Earlier this month a devastating earthquake struck the Caribbean island and the need for relief aid has seen the sporting world try to do everything that it can to help. Henry is doing what he can to help and has made a donation of €56,000 to the campaign.

HENRY_WEBOK.jpgThe French forward still remembers when Hurricane Hugo had a similar effect on Guadalupe, the island where his father was born. "This tragedy has affected me a lot and I hope that everyone can do something to help Haiti," he said. "It has touched me because 20 years ago something similar happened to Guadalupe and I know what the Haitians are going through."

Henry then revealed that he knows people in Haiti and that has made the earthquake even more personal to him. "I have a lot of friends there," he explained. "Haiti is a former French colony and it is like we are cousins. It is not easy to see what is happening and I want to help. I felt I had to do something and therefore I chose to make a contribution to Medecins Sans Frontieres."
Henry helps Haiti

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