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16.01.2010 23:58

Messi 101: the youngest centurion

Roger Bogunyà

Barca’s 10 has got his 100, indeed he’s got 101 after his two goals against Sevilel on Saturday night. In just 188 games, Messi has scored 101 goals, a figure no other Barc player has reached so young - just 22 years, six months and 22 days.

It’s been six seasons of unstoppable progress for Messi, who scored his first goal on May 1st 2005 with a marvellous strike in the 2-0 win over Albacete. Curiously enough, that first goal came at the same end as his two on Saturday . At just 22, Messi is just at the start of what promises to be a legendary career with many, many more records to go on and break.

Scoring almost everywhere

27-05-09_MESSI_ALEGRIA_02.jpgMessi has score in the league(68), in the Cup(10), in the Champions League(19), in the Spanish Super Cup (2) and the World Club Cup (2) and the only competition he’s failed to score in is the European Super Cup. What’s more, he’s scored big goals – in both the Champions League and World Club Cup finals.

Atletico Madrid his favourite victim

QM3D1690.jpg10 of Messi’s 101 goals have come against Atletico Madrid, one of three teams he’s scored a hat trick against alongside Tenerife and Real Madrid. But his best goal so far has to be the one he scored in the Spanish Cup against Getafe in the 2006/07 season.

Awesome strike ratio

Gol_5000-Messi-fcb-racing_x1x.jpgMessi’s goal per game ratio is awesome with an average of more than one goal every two games. His 68 league goals have come in 124 games, the 10 Cup strikes in 19, 19 goals in 38 games, 2 in 3 Spanish Super Cup games and 2 from 2 games at the World Club Cup, a total of 101 goals in just 188 games. This season he’s the Spanish League’s leading scorer with 14 goals. When the World Player of the Year is on the pitch, you can be pretty certain of a goal from him.
Messi 101: the youngest centurion
Goals and games
2004/05: 1 goal, 9 games
2005/06: 8 goals, 25 games
2006/07: 17 goals, 36 games
2007/08: 16 goals, 40 games
2008/09: 38 goals, 51 games
2009/10: 21 goals, 27 games

Total: 101 goals, 188 games

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