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20.01.2010 15:25

Unanimous response to decision


Everyone agrees. Everybody involved in Barça, football and the press agrees that the renewal of Pep Guardiola was the best possible news that could have come from the Camp Nou. Here are some of the reactions.

Rafael Yuste, vice president for sport

150909_Arribada_jugadors_Aer.jpg“I’m happy, because it’s the news all Barça fans wanted.”

“This team offers continuity and today we have shown what everybody believes. This project has a strong future.”

“He loves his work and is a perfectionist who wants to do his job well.”

“He is the same person I knew in the third division, with the same motivations.”

“From what I have heard and read, I don’t think there is anybody who didn’t want Guardiola to be the manager.”

Manuel Pellegrini, manager of Real Madrid

“What Guardiola has done is spectacular: winning six titles in his first year...”

Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Espanyol

EspGetafe111109cm_084.jpg“He deserves it. He is a manager that oozes Barça all over."

"After all he has done, he has earned this renewal. I congratulate him.”

Quique Sánchez Flores, manager of Atlético Madrid

“I love him. Pep’s cordiality is very important, that he loves his job, that he is so passionate...”

“He is the kind of manager I’d always go for. He is a reference. It is amazing that he was able to win six titles in his first year at the top level. I have huge respect for Pep and I also like him as a person. I publicly congratulate him.”

Miguel Ángel Portugal, manager of Racing

“He created the foundations required for this success. I think they suit each other - Guardiola and the club – and I think it’s great he has renewed. He has taken Barça to the top.”

“He is more refined and coherent than managers that have been at their club for many years.”
Unanimous response to decision
The press as well
Joan Maria Pou, reporter for RAC1

“Guardiola is somebody unique. We all believed that even before he signed.”

“When pressure is the fruit of desire, like here, it can work.”

Ricard Torquemada, reporter for Catalunya Ràdio

“I am happy, but most of all because it was the best decision Barça could have made.”

“All the noise these last few days was a bit irritating. If he has made his decision now, it’s because it was the right time, there was a lot of dirty talk. People weren’t speaking about anything else.”

Miguel Rico, reporter for El Mundo Deportivo

“Pep today has just said he is staying and is responding to the unanimous feeling of Barça supporters.”

“His case was generating insecurity and Pep has cut that insecurity at the root.”

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