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11.01.2010 12:03

Second 5-0 win away

Jordi Clos

Curiously, the 5-0 win in Tenerife was only Barça’s second win by that score in an away League match. The first was the famous win at the Santiago Bernabéu in 1974.

Strangely, Barça have won six away matches 6-0, and 6-1 on the road four times, but the ‘maneta’, or ‘little hand’ at the Santiago Bernabéu in 1973/74 was until now the only case a 5-0 win.

Legendary game

0-5_gol_4.JPGUntil last May 2, there was no single game in FCB’s league history to compare with the famous win on February 17, 1974, the day Real Madrid were humiliated by goals cored by Asensi (2), Cruyff, Juan Carlos and Sotil, Managed by Rinus Michels, that win set the Catalans on course for the league championship.

Biggest win in Las Palmas

rm-fcb26_x27x.jpgSince the League starts, Barça have scored five or more goals on fifteen occasions. Their biggest away win was also in the Canary Islands, 8-0 at Las Palmas in 1959/60 under Helenio Herrera. But perhaps the most majestic away win of all was that last year, when the Bernabéu was silenced by that amazing 6-2 Barcelona victory.
Second 5-0 win away
The biggest away wins
1955/56  Deportivo  0-7
1956/57  Deportivo 1-6 
1957/58  Las Palmas 0-7 
1959/60  Las Palmas 0-8 
1962/63  Málaga 0-7 
1973/74  R.Madrid 0-5 
1981/82  Castellón 1-6 
1990/91  Athletic Club 0-6 
1991/92  Valladolid 0-6 
1992/93  Zaragoza 1-6 
2000/01  R.Sociedad 0-6 
2001/02  Tenerife 0-6 
2006/07  Atlético Madrid 0-6 
2008/09  Sporting 1-6 
2008/09  R.Madrid 2-6 
2009/10  Tenerife 0-5 

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