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26.07.2008 19:20

Alves' diary (V)


Dani Alves keeps you up-to-date with his thoughts on Barcelona's pre-season preparations and today explains his feelings on his second ever game for the club.

"Hello everyone,

We have reached the end of our stay in St Andrews. The truth is that, as I told you on the first day, we have been able to enjoy some fantastic facilities that have allowed us to train very well. The climate has also helped because there has not been much heat; in fact it was a bit cold. This time has also allowed us to know each other better, especially the new players. That is also very important in a team.

Now we have just finished out second game against Dundee United. It was tougher than the game against Hibernian, although the final score may not actually reflect that. We came up against a stronger side that did not allow us as much space. Also, their supporters never stopped cheering them on throughout the whole game. We played well enough, although there are still a number of things that need to be improved, because you can always improve. On a personal note, I played for longer and I felt better than in the first game. That is normal and I sure that in my next game I will feel even better. In this second match I linked up even more down the right with Lionel Messi and we understood each other very well. He is a spectacular player and is very easy to play with."

As I write this we are arriving in Edinburgh on the coach and I am sitting next to our captain, Carles Puyol, and now we are going to board the airplane to take us back to Barcelona. On Sunday we will have a break and then on Monday we are back at training. The first stage is now over and now we must work even harder.

My diary has finished here. Thanks to everyone and I will speak to you all soon,

Dani Alves"
Alves' diary (V)
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