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19.07.2008 10:15

Medical check-ups for Alves, Keita and Eto'o


Alves, Keita and Eto'o rejoined the Barça first team squad this Saturday. Together with Messi and Hleb, this morning they did the usual preseason medical checks.

While most of Josep Guardiola’s men were training at La Masia, Alves, Keita, Eto'o, Messi and Hleb were doing a series of medical tests.

Analysis for Eto'o and Messi

QM3D5745.jpgAt around 8.30 am Eto'o and Messi had a complete analysis done. The Argentine hadn’t had his before as he arrived on Tuesday straight from his flight and he was supposed to come in today Saturday.

The route

QM3D5943.jpgStraight afterwards Eto'o and Messi, together with Alves, Keita and Hleb, went over to Medical Services to do the first part of their tests. When that was done the five moved on to the Miniestadi to finish their physical checks and then went back to Medical Services for the last few tests.
Medical check-ups for Alves, Keita and Eto'o
The rest did it on Monday
The rest of the Barça first team had their medical tests last Monday when Messi, Alves, Keita and Eto'o had still not got back and when Hleb was not yet a Barça player.

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