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31.07.2008 12:40

40.428 spectators in the ‘Artemio Franchi’

David Saura (enviat especial)

Florence didn’t give up the chance to see Guardiola’s Barça in the flesh. A total of 40,428 spectators enjoyed the team’s high level of football, which earned the local fans’ admiration.

The third victory of the season (1-3) was also a success in the stands of the ‘Stadio Comunale Artemio Franchi’, which, curiously, is the name of the player being paid homage. The stadium only had a few empty seats in one of the corners usually reserved (and fenced of from the rest of the stadium) for visiting supporters. In this case the tickets for this zone were put on sale.


Moreover, the local fans never doubted Barça’s superiority and applauded the players, on entering the pitch as well as spectacular movements by Messi or Puyol’s goal. The ovation was also spectacular with most of the public standing for Messi when Hleb substituted the Barça number ‘10’.

Almost constant cheering

Despite the powerful stifling heat in Florence, the local fans, who this season will again see Champion’s League games at home, never stopped cheering their team unconditionally.
40.428 spectators in the ‘Artemio Franchi’
Yellow debut
In the third pre-season game Barça debuted the away strip, yellow in colour. The first team have gone back to the yellow they wore as the second strip in the successful 2005/06 season. In that case though the tone was somewhat brighter.

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